Five Six Peas

Five & Six Peas are ready to test their skills! Five and six-year-olds have reached physical and developmental milestones that allow them to progress rapidly. With longer limbs, more refined coordination and stronger language skills, Five & Six Peas can run faster, climb higher and hold longer!

Five & Six Peas are refining their technique with focus on form and lines. The Five & Six Pea curriculum includes bridges, handstands, L- handstands and stronger executions of rolls.

The Five & Six Pea cartwheel demonstrates proper sequencing and a more refined lunge finish. Five & Six Peas can hold their relevés and arabesques on beam and are developing the core strength needed to hold tucks, straddles and pikes on the bars.

Five & Six Peas are mastering the vault runway with sequenced runs. They are punching the board with two feet and their vaults now include stretch jumps, squats onto the block and forward rolls.

Oh, to be five and six! What an important time this is! The Five & Six Pea curriculum capitalizes on the amazing, compounding cognitive and social development of the Five & Six Pea.

Our educational gymnastics curriculum incorporates gymnastics terms, independent counting, group presentation and recognition of the alphabet, interpretation of music, recognition of timing and counts in music, and increased awareness of spatial relationships.

Five & Six Peas are increasingly capable of predicting and successfully completing known circuits and are given opportunities to independently navigate an active learning circuit. 

Five & Six Peas love showing off and are encouraged to try new skills, improve their form and do it again. The Five & Six Pea curriculum continues to focus on helping the five-year-old develop friendships, demonstrate good manners, share experiences and listen to others. 

Five & Six Peas gain experience waiting their turn, encouraging classmates and respecting the teacher. Every minute in the Five & Pea classroom is balanced with important physical activity, social interaction and life learning!

Our program objectives for Five & Six Peas include developing the ability to form meaningful friendships and feeling joy and confidence in learning.

Age: 5 & 6 Years Old
Pricing: $23 per 40-Minute Class