Diablo Cares

This fall, we are reinstating Diablo Cares, which is our way of supporting causes we believe in. We are especially excited about this program as it gives everyone involved the opportunity to be the good they want to see in the world and trust that their contribution can and will make a difference. You can learn how you or your student can help make an impact in our monthly newsletters from here on out!

As you may know, a horrible wildfire recently devastated the historic and beautiful town of Lahaina on the island of Maui. This unfortunate event has uprooted the lives/livelihoods of countless families on Maui, leaving a sincere and lasting detriment on the community. When I heard of the destruction and real-time disorganization of emergency services and displacement shelters from first hand accounts, I was heartbroken at the thought of such a precious and culturally significant site being broken apart even after the flames had stopped. My first question, as I’m sure it was for many, was “How can I help?” 

Being someone who lived on Oahu for several years and traveled to Maui often, Diablo management felt I was uniquely qualified to research how best to aid the town of Lahaina by communicating with my friends and peers on the Islands to get reliable advice as to where help was needed. As a result of this advice, Diablo Gymnastics School will be donating to the Maui Strong Fund managed by the Hawai’i Community Foundation, which distributes 100% of donations and funds (for Maui Strong) towards community needs. 

If you would prefer a more immediate and direct way to help, active community members have compiled a list of verified Lahaina citizens and families who are struggling. This document includes names and their preferred donation avenues, and also details what each family or person needs and their stories. This spreadsheet is updated every two hours, and also has a feature attached to display how much families and individuals have raised- bringing those who haven’t yet received any/many donations to the top. 

Katrid Cornell
Diablo Cares Coordinator 

Below you will find the link to this Google Document as well as a link to the Hawai’i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong page.

We hope you will give what you can.

Hawai’i Community Foundation

Directly Aid ‘Ohana (Families) Displaced by Fires

Previous Years of Diablo Cares Giving

The coaches and staff at Diablo Gymnastics School believe in the importance of giving back to help make the world a better place. Diablo is honored that our families have embraced the Diablo Cares initiative by graciously supporting several charities since its inception in 2016. Together, Diablo and our families have made a great impact to the below organizations.

Thank you to each and every family for making Diablo such an amazing community!

2019 Donation

  • Warm Winters = 50 pairs of socks
  • Special Olympics of Northern California =$500
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind = $500
  • Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano = Large bin of food
  • Pollinator Partnership = $500
  • Make A Wish Foundation = $500
  • The Children’s Book Project = 500+ books
  • Wheelchair Foundation = $500
  • Capes4Heroes = $500

2018 Donations

  • Tri-Valley Animal Rescue = 3 boxes of supplies donated
  • Special Olympics of Northern California = $500
  • The Children’s Book Project = 500+ books
  • NorCal Camp Fires = $730
  • Pollinator Partnership = $500
  • Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano = Large bin of food
  • The Children’s Book Project = 500+ books
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital = $1,125
  • Capes4Heroes = $2,000

2017 Donations

  • One Warm Coat = 75 Coats
  • North Bay Fires Fund = $500
  • Habitat for Humanity Hurricane Relief Efforts = $500
  • Hurricane Relief Efforts = $524.99
  • Toys for Tots = 150 toys
  • Warm Winters = 200 pairs of socks
  • American Heart Association = $1,212
  • Pollinator Partnership = $1,144
  • Foster Care (via VESTIA) = 25 boxes of clothes, shoes, luggage, etc.

 2016 Donations

  • Food Bank of Contra Costa County = $542 (food and monetary donations)
  • The Children’s Book Project = 700+ books
  • National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay, Special Olympics, Angelman Syndrome Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Capes4Heroes, Allie’s Pals Cat Rescue, Pollinator Partnership = $1,129 (distributed among these organizations)