Our Staff

Erika – Class Program Director

Since 2018
Erika joined Diablo in 2018. She competed as a gymnast in Arizona in the 1980’s and has taught and directed gymnastics programs in CA, ME, MA, and AZ since 1990. She teaches all levels of gymnastics and loves each and every age group — from tiny tots to teens. Erika competes in CrossFit and...

Chelsea D. – Team Program Director

Since 2010
Coach Chelsea is Diablo’s Team Program Director. She has been in gymnastics her entire life, and competed through level 10 in Texas. Chelsea is a brilliant choreographer. When not in the gym, she enjoys spending time with her husband, wake boarding and relaxing in the mountains.

Patti – Office Manager

Since 1998
Patti is Diablo’s Office Manager and also teaches classes. When she’s not teaching kindergym classes or helping parents in our office, Patti enjoys snowmobiling, waterskiing, and riding motorcycles with her husband and five children.

Karlai – Facilities Manager

Since 1986
Karlai is Diablo’s Facilities Manager. Karlai  began teaching at Diablo Gymnastics in 1986. Karlai is a valued employee who wears many “hats” throughout each day at Diablo…helping keep our facility clean and organized, training new teachers, evaluating new gymnasts starting in our recreation program, and helping our program directors and the GM with administrative support....


Since 1999
Desiré is Diablo’s Boys Program Lead. She began gymnastics at Diablo in 1999. She began teaching at Diablo in 2006, and it continues to be one of the best parts of her day. She is the oldest of five siblings consisting of twin brother Donny, sister Shaina, and twins Chad and Chelsea. Desiré loves...


Since 2011
Terri is Diablo’s Camp Lead. She grew up doing gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer in Oklahoma. Terri lives with her husband JP, daughters Addie and Inara, and three Italian greyhounds. She has an identical twin, played soccer at Drury University, and loves hiking and camping in the great outdoors.


Since 1999
Shaina is one of Diablo’s Xcel Team coaches. has been a gymnast at Diablo since 1999, and has been teaching gymnastics since 2009. She competed through level 6, excelling on uneven bars. Shaina’s four siblings also teach at Diablo, as does her mom, Patti.


Since 2016
Amanda began doing gymnastics when she was 5 years old and participated in Diablo classes through level blue in recreation classes and level silver in tumbling classes. She began teaching in 2016. She currently attends Diablo Valley College. In her free time, she loves baking, exercise, designing tattoos, and going to the beach with...


Since 2016
Robyn competed in gymnastics in her youth and later taught gymnastics during college. During her free time she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and two sons.


Since 2018
Bret has been providing excellent customer service in Diablo’s Office and Pro Shop since 2018. She assists families in finding the perfect class. When not at Diablo, Bret is a substitute teacher for two Tri-Valley school districts.

Chelsea V.

Since 2001
Coach Chelsea began doing gymnastics at Diablo in 2001 and competed for Diablo’s Team for 10 seasons. She began teaching at Diablo in 2012 and is currently one of the Xcel Team coaches.


Since 2016
Gracie began doing gymnastics at Diablo when she was 9 years old and is on Diablo’s Xcel Team at the Platinum Level. She has three dogs, loves paddle boarding and has a sister who also does gymnastics at Diablo.


Since 1995
CJ began teaching at Diablo in 1995. He competed for Diablo in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and was a member of the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) Men’s Gymnastics Team (the 1997 NCAA Division 1 Championship) from 1993 to 1997. He was the Diablo Boys Program Director from 1995 to 1998, and a volunteer...

Maya S.

Since 2018
Maya began doing gymnastics at Diablo in 2014 and currently competes for Diablo’s Xcel Team. Her favorite events are bars and vault. She attends Dougherty Valley High School.


Since 2018
Nikki began teaching at Diablo in 2018. She has been doing gymnastics for nine years and competes at the Platinum Level on Diablo’s Xcel Team. Her favorite events are floor and bars.


Since 2019
Mackenzie began doing gymnastics at age 3 and continues to love the sport. She attends Monte Vista High School and enjoys gymnastics, dance, soccer, interior design and traveling with her family.


Since 2019
Natalie began doing gymnastics at age 6 and began teaching at Diablo Gymnastics in 2019. She attends Dougherty Valley High School and enjoys creative writing, music and liberal arts.


Since 2019
Vee began doing gymnastics at age 8 and competed at the Xcel Gold Level. She began teaching in the Bay Area in 2015 and joined Diablo in 2019. She is currently attending Las Positas College and plans to study nursing and psychiatric health. Vee is an instructor in both Diablo’s Recreation Program and...


Since 2019
Addie has been doing gymnastics since age 3. She began teaching at Diablo in 2019. She competes for Diablo’s Xcel Team at the Platinum Level. Addie attends Monte Vista High School and enjoys singing with the school choir.


Since 2019
Shreya has been doing gymnastics since age 8. She began teaching at Diablo in 2019. Shreya attends California High School and enjoys volunteering, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Diana Kottke – President, Owner & CFO

Since 1985
Diana is Diablo’s Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer. In addition to doing gymnastics at Diablo throughout childhood, she competed for Los Lomas High School. Diana enjoys dance, reading and spending time with her husband and son.1985

Michelle Klimesh – Secretary/Treasurer

Since 1969
Michelle is Diablo’s Owner and President. She started at Diablo in the summer of 1969 after attending the first ever Flip Flop Follies. She competed for Diablo for 11 years and began teaching in 1970. She enjoys yoga, dance, reading, and traveling with her husband, Aaron.