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June 20, 2020

Dear Parents,
Diablo Gymnastics School is preparing to open our doors with a highly modified schedule. Everything in this packet of information is subject to change. We will gradually amend our protocols as the Covid-19 situation changes.
This document will review the stages of our return to classes and provide updates on our new protocols for students, coaches, and parents. New registration procedures, a new parent agreement, and our new Summer class schedule are included.
Diablo will welcome students returning to classes in stages.
Stage One (May and June)
  • Staff Training
  • Facility Preparation
  • Team athletes return to Diablo in a limited day camp setting with social distancing
Stage Two (expected date – July 6)
  • Class students return with limited class spaces and social distancing
  • Orange, Red, White, Blue, Silver and Pre Team students return
  • Yellow level students return WITH ONE PARENT ATTENDING CLASS with them
  • No Green or Purple classes yet
Stage Three (unknown date depending on what we learn in stage two)
  • Class students and teams continue in limited numbers with social distancing
  • Green/Purple students return WITH ONE PARENT ATTENDING CLASS
    NOTE: Because we do not have a firm start date for Green/Purple classes, you will not be charged tuition when you register. The registration will hold your spot in the class and tuition
    will be charged as soon as we set the start date. Please remember to complete the check out process (even though you will not have a balance due!) to confirm your registration.

Stage Four (unknown date)

  • Green and Yellow students attend classes without parents

For the duration

  • Masks will be required for all adults entering the facility.
  • Temperature/wellness checks will be required for all people entering the facility.
  • Facility occupancy will be limited.
  • Classes will run seven days a week to reduce occupancy.
  • Class times will be staggered, and entry and exits will be monitored.
  • Social distancing will limit class availability.
  • Spotting will be limited to safety spots only.
  • If parent viewing space is restricted, new camera systems will allow remote viewing of classes.

Temporarily, Diablo’s office hours will be reduced. We strongly encourage parents to contact the office by email or telephone when possible, rather than coming into the office in person this summer.

Temporarily, each Yellow level student must be accompanied by a parent while in class. This is different from our standard system. Our thought process is this: the coaches have a new set of protocols to follow with social distancing while teaching. We feel confident that we can accomplish the safety procedures with school-age children, even as young as the Orange level, but we feel unsure about how our youngest students will adjust.

Initially, we intended not to offer Yellow, Green, and Purple classes, because we weren’t confident that we could keep children this age reasonably separated. We came up with the idea of having a parent in class, which helps us solve two problems: 1. We have a better chance that the children will stay away from each other, and 2. Parents have an opportunity to assist their child as needed so the teacher can be as “hands off” as possible in July.

If Yellow students successfully adjust to social distancing, we will phase out their parent “assistants” over time. We can then attempt the same process with our Green level classes. If you don’t feel comfortable assisting your student in classes, we understand. In that case, please delay your “re-entry” for a few weeks, until we see how the new procedures impact the Kindergym students.
To abide by occupancy reductions, space available for parent viewing will be limited. To help overcome this problem, we will have new cameras installed that interface with a remote-viewing app. This way, parents will still be able to observe classes through live streaming. If you do enter the building, we require that each child have only one parent/guardian in attendance for drop off/pick up, without other siblings, spouses, grandparents.

Students should enroll for the summer in the class level they left in March. We will have Yellow level students move to Orange, and Orange level students move to Red, closer to Fall. Exception: Students starting 4th grade this year can enroll in a 4th grade class now if you wish.

Before you register for classes, please know that the entire staff at Diablo Gymnastics School is committed to providing the safest possible space for your children. I know I am asking a lot of our coaches and customers as we navigate the choices before us. We will all greatly appreciate everything you do to help us make your child’s return to gymnastics as smooth, as safe, and as wonderful as we can. Please cooperate with the coaches and the door monitors with the understanding that we are all adjusting to this new way of doing things. We invite you to register for summer classes only if you agree to follow our new rules. Supplementary material will be included with your registration packet.

We are super excited to know we will soon be teaching handstands and handsprings, hearing children laugh, and seeing smiling faces again! We’ve missed you more than we can say.

Michelle Klimesh, President
Diablo Gymnastics School
…a great place to GROW!

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